Sir Conor mac Bruaidin

Elevated 4/12/2008

Elevated by TRM Caspar and Cecilia

Squired to Sir Boru Aelwyn

Sir Conor's Device

Per chevron azure and vert, a chevron between three triquetras in chevron and a boar passant contourny argent.

The Knighting of Sir Conchobhar

To the field in the morning where fools all together  
Were a-gathering for combat when April was new, 
Came the Crown of Meridies, Caspar the mighty 
There with his fair Cecilia 'neath skies vibrant blue.

And a court did They call there, the Crown from the eric, 
Swiftly summoning all to Their words to pay heed, 
And the herald stood forth to call Conchobhar mac Bruaidín 
Bidding him to step forward with all haste and speed.

"It has come to our notice", spake Caspar the Sovereign 
"That an honor exists that you may not now hold, 
So good Conchobhar come forth that we may swift discover 
Whether you may be honored.  The truth will unfold!"

So did Conchobhar step forward, the Crown then obeying, 
Though he knew not what destiny he might there see, 
And the Crown in Its glory in grandeur did summon 
All the Order of Knighthood, the fair Chivalry.

"Do you find this Lord worthy" the Crown then demanded. 
"To be here elevated? Speak up and be clear!" 
And Dame Aislinn stepped forward to speak for his service 
And declared to those gathered that he was her peer.

Then came Mistress Sindokht there to speak for the Laurels 
And she named him her peer on the strength of his art, 
And Earl Richard came forward, and of Knightly virtues 
There he spoke for Lord Conchobhar with words from the heart.

Duchess Deirdre then rose, for the Royal Peers speaking 
And she swore he was worthy of all this acclaim, 
So the Crown deemed it just that he be elevated 
To the Knighthood that he might add Sir to his name.

Then Sir Cona came forth, and Sir Saavogg there also 
Bearing spurs for Lord Conchobhar, both to the greensward. 
After them Duke Boru and Sir Aidan came bearing 
In their hands proud and steady the belt and the sword.

After them came the fair Lady Caitilín before him, 
With a chain of bright gold in her soft dancer's hand, 
And she placed it around his bowed neck to do honor 
As he knelt there before her and all of the land.

Then the King took his sword, and he raised it all proudly 
Touching Conchobhar's broad shoulders, the left and the right, 
With the blade of Meridies shining bright silver, 
Then he touched the bowed head and named Conchobhar a Knight.

"Rise Sir Conchobhar", He bade him, and so from the greensward 
Did Sir Conchobhar rise up to his feet there to stand 
"May this be the last blow you accept all unanswered" 
And He struck the new Knight with the heel of His hand.

So Sir Conchobhar was Knighted as fools watched together 
On the verges of battle when April was new, 
By the Crown of Meridies, Caspar the mighty 
There with his fair Cecilia 'neath skies vibrant blue.

Meistres Bronwen o Gydweli
[11 August, A.S. XLIII, 2008] 

Sir Conor

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