Sir Iastreb Desislavich

Elevated 08/25/2012

Elevated by TRM Ailgheanan and Amber

Squired to Sir Valdimarr de Tamewurthe

Sir Godwine's Device

Per pale Or and gules, a hawk striking within an annulet of suns all counterchanged..

Sir Iastreb DesislavichIastreb Desislavich was born in the city state of Novgorod in the 1222 year of Our Lord. His father, a member of the druzhina (personal bodyguard)of the prince Yaroslav Vsevolodovich, trained Iastreb in the way of the warrior and secured a place for him in young prince Alexander Yarsoslavich’s druzhina. Iastreb proved himself in battle against Swedish invaders at the Battle of Neva in 1240. This made him a trusted warrior in Alexander’s, now called Nevskii, druzhina. After the Battle of Lake Peipus, where Iastreb again distinguished himself against the German crusaders called Tuetonic Knights, he was granted the privilege of being one of the leaders of Nevskii’s druzhina. When Alexander fought his brother for the right to be Grand Prince of Kiev, Iastreb, again, proved himself a formidable warrior. After this conflict, Iastreb was declaredDruzhinik (knight) and led a portion of Alexander’s druzhina. Iastreb now spends his time travelling Europe and Asia defending his lord and land.
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