Sir Tar Radu

Elevated 10/26/02

Elevated by TRM's Gareth and Anneis

Squired to Sir Kane Redfeather

Sir Conal's Device

Sable, a moose's head erased affronty argent enflamed gules within a bordure dovetailed argent pellety.

Sir Tar RaduTar Radu, or Radu the Bald, is a 10th century Magyar warrior from the Carpathian Basin in eastern Europe who found his way in his early twenties to the Kingdom of Meridies. He attached himself to the Household of Duke Kane Redfeather, from whom he took the red belt of a squire. After making his home for a time among the river shires of Gleann Abhann, restlessness to see the world and find love took him to the frozen plains of Calontir. The game was plenty and the hunting good, and although he admired their fierce warriors, he found the land cold and not to his liking. He returned home, bringing with him his bride, Broinnfinn, a fellow Meridian in exile, and they made their home in the much more hospitable climate of the Barony of Axemoor, where they reside to this day.

He owes his skill at arms in equal parts to his significant size, the athleticism of his youth and his fortune to have grown up with rather large and pugilistic siblings. However, his most distinguished and endearing characteristics are his great humor, his unerring sense of fair play and his deep love for his Kingdom, which he had the great privilege of serving as its 47th Sovereign.

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