Sir Aidan McKay


by TRM Boru and Dierdre

Squired To

Sir Robert Greenheart, and Sir Boru Aelwyn

Azure, three chevronels braced and in chief three rams horns in fess argent.

Ode to Sir Aidan MacKay

By Lady Flannait inghean ui hEighnigh
Long on this path you have traveled

Dear Friends you now hold in your heart

Many have watched since you came here

From the Southlands own Rivermarch
Time would see you on a journey

Across deserts and lands faraway

But still this Dream was your touch stone

To Meridies you would come home to stay.
Sir Malachi Halfdan Brightskull

Your first Knight who showed fighting is FUN

“Find that Zen in the lyst field Dear Aidan

For long is the path you are on”
In A.S. XXIX you met her

Ophelia with the sunny bright smile

A war that you might not remember

But her smile stayed with you for miles.
Fates would take Brightskull and household

To distant Caid in the west

Released of the bonds that tied you

But friends you remain until death
A courting you came for Ophelia

Her bright smile had captured your heart

Even though ORANGE is her most favorite color

The RED N couldn’t keep you apart
Between times you sought out more guidance

There was more to this path, somehow

Sir Robert the one they call Greenheart

His example the Chivalric vow

Not just in this dream of your making

But in life you hold to this oath

HONOR and COURTESY to others

Your gentle manner and smile no boast
For others have noticed your manner

And how quick you do fly with your aid

Known to many as Baron Aidan

But to those you hold close, The MacKAY
In A.S. XXXVI you married

Ophelia the love of your life

The future could not be much brighter

This Lady – Your Joy – Your Wife
New bonds were forged on the battle field

A technique and style to be known

Gunther, Conner, Morgan and Max

Shield Brothers at hearth and at home
But fate would send away Sir Robert

To Trimaris’ blue waters so bright

Chivalry is now your touchstone

Honor and Sincerity your might
So who would be the next to guide Aidan?

The Squires belt His strength without stain

In cotehardies with wings like angles

To Sir Boru the Wolfshead he came
The past spoke loudly of Aidan

As a fighter he looked not for fame

Sir Boru would show him that winning

Was fun and apart of the game
Now if Boru fostered dear Aidan

In Meridies He promised his Lady they would stay

Legend has it he told his new Squire

“It’s the grave or I’ll Knight you one day.”
So here you are now in that circle

Your Three Knights from Sir Richard RaeFen so proud

One last time you kneel before Their Majesties

And take that Knightly vow
Though the Bards will sing your praises

Of your Honor and Courtesy

There is just one more thing to tell you…

You have always been a Peer to me.

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