Jarl Ailgheanan mac Sithigh, KSCA

Personal Biography

I am Jarl Ailgheanan and I am geographically and morally affiliated with the Kingdom and Meridies and, by Corpora’s decree and heart’s desire, am in fealty to Her. I am a member of Shire Rising Stone in Murfreesboro, TN.

I am a member of Sir Gwydion o Gwynedde and Mistress Marta Bon’s household, affectionately called House Gwyddiot. Gwydd is my knight and remains my role model and mentor; Mistress Marta Bon continues to be the greatest source of chivalric inspiration.

I am a spearman of the warrior house, Bastarnae and a kinsman of Clanne Preachain.

I am affiliated with House Stahlgeist, principally located in the Midrealm and with Ferro Spettro of Calontir (my Lilies War family) and when I grow up, I want to be a Huscarl.

I have a loose personal household made up of my squires, my shieldman and their ladies. The secret to leadership with this group is to never tell the women what to do and nod my head some when they talk.

How did this all begin? In early summer of 1985, my gaming group, in Maryville, TN, had been looking for the SCA. We had learned of it from a couple of different magazine articles – one of which had photography from Pennsic War. By good fortune, one of us saw a flyer for a demo in Oak Ridge while getting a fix at the Yankee Peddler Game and Miniatures Store in Knoxville. The demo was way cool. There were these guys in armor and they hit each other with sticks and everyone was friendly and it was a dream come true for a fantasy reading, D&D playing, competitive-sports geek like myself.

I quit my job (as a Shoney’s busboy) to attend my first event (Viking Raids) in June/July in the Shire of Nant-Y-Derwyddon at camp Sky Wa Mo near Johnson City, TN. I attended and fought at my second event, Silver Hammer X (October 1985), at Big Ridge State Park, which is just north of Knoxville, and I have never looked back.

I have three early period Celtic personas and once played with late Persian.
Persona #1: Early 9th Century Irishman whose roaming-abroad may have influenced Viking invasions – all I said was, “It’s the most beautiful of lands with an abundance of gold and no unified defense to speak of – are you going to drink that?”
Persona #2: 5th Century Irishman living with a Germanic warband near the Rhine.
Persona #3: 2nd Century BC, Bronze Age, continental Celt at war with Rome.

I like to recreate combat from the Ancients through the Age of Chivalry. I enjoy feasting, drinking and other forms of indulgence. I dig period encampments and prefer my tent to a cabin any day. I have autocrated events and even dabbled with cooking. All these things I love, but it is my friends I cherish the most and that keep me coming back to Estrella, Gulf Wars, Lilies, Pennsic and every weekend in-between that I possibly can.

I have twice had the pleasure and honor of serving Meridies as Her Crown – first with Countess Cailleach ingen Thuathail and again with Duchess Ilissa the Nightwatcher. I treasure all these SCA memories and look forward to a lifetime more.

By my hand,
Jarl Syr Ailgheanan mac Sithigh