Sir Alexander Brighthelmston

Personal Biography

Born in 1328 to a family with a minor estate outside the coastal town of Brighthelmston. Alexander’s father was very fond of horses and had trained many of the finest mounts in the Kingdom. It is no wonder that Alexander learned to ride about the same time he learned to walk.

When Alexander was 14 he was sent to Castle Risinge where he received martial training from the weapons master, Larry of Parrish. It was here that he met his lifelong friend, Christoforus Fortescu.

At the age of 18 Alexander and Christoforus had their first taste of war serving under Edward the Black Prince at the Battle of Crecy. They like it! After that time, Alexander and Christoforus served in many free companies and suitably harranged the Frogs. . . er, I mean the French until Edward returned ten years later for the Battle of Poitiers.

After this grand victory, Alexander and Christoforus parted ways for a while to meet up again a couple of years later in Bordeaux. It is here that the two play at tournaments and try to stay out of trouble. It is not easy being English in France.