Duke Andrew of Seldom Rest, KSCA, OP

Photo Credit Kingdom of Meridies

Order of Precedence



February 2, 1971
by HRM Middle Franz and Abrizhade

Not Squired


Strawberry Leaves crown of a Duke

Personal Biography

Others have included a short version of their SCA bios on their stallplates. This gives me cause to do the same:

My first event was at the Knighting of Sir Thorvald inn Grimmi. My first combat upon the Lists was against this noble Knight on that same day. Three blows was all it took, I swung at him (blocked), he hit me and I hit the ground.

5th Knight of the Middle Kingdom
5th, 7th and 25th (?) King of the Middle Kingdom
5th Pelican of the Middle Kingdom
Created the first Kingdom Laws
Created the first Middle Kingdom Exchequer
Created the first Middle Kingdom Pelican
Created the office of Dragon Signet
King of the Middle at PW I, PW II and PW XI
Earl Marshall of the Middle Kingdom x 2
Created the “Authorization” process
Second Marshall of the SCA
Created the office of Chirurgeon

Authorized the Kingdom of Ansteorra to develop fencing in the SCA and lots of other stuff, mostly in Ohio, but who’s counting?

The number of my squires and other retainers who have been recognized as Peers of one kind or another are legion. They have impressed me greatly and make the above resume’ as nothing.

The Knights amongst them are:
Sir Barfionn de Tahhe
Sir Talymar gan y Lewydd
Sir Valydon Sallyforth
Sir Knarlic Wulfhereson (Drachenwald)
Sir William the Finn (Meridies)
Sir Loric Sylvestris (Meridies)
Sir Cormac O”Sullivan (Calontir)
Sir David de Kunstenaar (Man at Arms)