Sir Artos Ancilus


September 25, 1993
by HRM Bearrach Aelwyn the Wolfheadn

Squired To

Sir John of Ean Airgead, called the Mad Celt

Gules, a dragon headed torque between a decrescent, a increscent and a crescent pendant, argent.

Persona Bio

Sir Artos at the Great Western WarMy persona is that of a 5th century (CE) Romano-British cavalryman in the Army of the Roman Empire. I am currently stationed at Vercovicium, which is a fort on Hadrian’s Wall, where I command. I am the bastard son of Sir John of Ean Airgead, the Mad Celt, and together we fought against Attila the Hun while in the army of Flavius Aetius. We were later transferred back to Britain after Attila’s defeat to our current postings.

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