Sir Erick Griffin

Personal Biography

I was born around 1050. The third son of a struggling artisan, Erick set out to claim is own destiny. Ireland was not a wealthy land, so travels took him far from home. Working on sailing vessels and learning trades allowed the youth to develop skills leading to profit and prominence along the trade routes of Europe.

During his travels he learned to fight from great knights and Dukes of the known world. He found himself firmly planted in the Shire of Rising Stone among friends and family after the birth of his only daughter Elizabeth.

In Society, I am blessed to have been the squire of Duke Caspar Krieger. His knowledge and patience helped me learn the ways of a knight, while my local shire’s abundance of Dukes and great fighters worked on my prowess.

I was inducted into the Order of the Argent Shield, then the Legion of the Bear, Legio Ursi, and later recognized by the Order of the Sable Sword. This is a true warrior’s path and constitutes all the fighting awards available in the kingdom for heavy fighting. I was knighted at the Meridian Grand Tournament in 2011.

My house is a member of Gewalthaufen, a gathering of households forming a great house, wherein we pool our talents and provide service and strength for our kingdom.