Sir Khalil ibn Abd al-Rahman

Personal Biography

Khalil ibn Abd al_Rahman was born in 1193, the year of the death of the great Sultan Salah ad Din, founder of the Ayyubid dynasty. His father served in the Manluk cavalry of Salah ad Din until the Sultan’s death. His mother died when he was young, and his father thought it best to place him somewhere he would have an opportunity to excel if he was strong enough. At the age of eight, his father turned him over to Egyptian merchants, who sold him to the Sultan’s men at arms.

He was supported and educated, and taught the use of weapons and bows – often displaying his prowess before the Sultan himself. As he gained strength he was given real weapons, and when he matured he was inducted into the Halka, or king’s guard.

Khalil served under Sultan Al Kamil at the battle of Mansura on July 24 1221 during first Egyptian Crusade (also known as the 5th Crusade, 1218-1221), under the command of Turan Shah.

In the SCA, Khalil began in the then Principality of AEthelmearc. He eventually migrated to the Kingdom of Meridies where he has made his home.