Sir Malachi Halfdan Brightskull, OL

Photo Credit Kingdom of Meridies

Order of Precedence


Personal Biography

Born as Halfdan in the Viking Age trading port of Birka, Sweden, I was later baptized as ‘Malachi’ so that the christian merchants of Miklagard (Constantinople) would be willing to have business dealings with me. Since then Malachi has been baptized 14 more times because the bleached linen baptismal robes are worth a fortune in the north countries. I worked as a guard on the crew of Rogvolod, a wealthy Kievan merchant, protecting his wares until I made my own fortune. I courted and married the daughter of Rogvolod, then moved to the new Rus principality of Tmutorokan on the shores of the Black Sea. There, I turn a generous profit as a middle man for trade wares from the North, the Khazar Khanate, and the ‘Romans’ of Miklagard. Now I have my own Huscarls and Guards to protect my interests. For me, the year is 966 in the gregorian calendar.