Viscount Raim y Hynnddyl, KSCA

Photo Credit Kingdom of Meridies

Order of Precedence


  • Thorvald inn Grimmi 1970

Personal Biography

Syr Raim y Hynnddyl. My persona is that of a mid 15th century Welshman during the time of the Wars of the Roses. I enjoy a fairly high degree of authenticity in my SCA accoutrements. I have some practical wood working, armoring and costuming skills. I have some skill with stringed instruments, and oft times I will sing after supper. I believe a person’s word is not to be given or taken lightly, and that an oath is like an arrow: once loosed, it cannot be recalled.

We do our best to keep on everyone’s good side, which is difficult enough to do after the Glyndwr Rebellion. My father squired me to another veteran of the French Wars, Sir Jahn of Outman, who taught me about arms and chivalry. It was he, who was first Prince of Drachenwald. I grew in strength and skill at arms.

Over the seas, I went, to Drachenwald. Within a year, I was seated on the Albion Throne as Prince and had to provide King Hasdrubal with troops to fight in his Pennsic War. Our small force fought valiantly throughout the war. When, on the morning of what was to be the last battle, the King bade us kneel. We were presented with arms, and I was given the accolade of Knight before the assembled armies. Sir Jahn’s dubbing smarted, but my smile was broad. I looked up at His Majesty and saw Sir John Bearkiller and King Andrew of Seldom Rest at his side. Even Sir Jahn’s knight and mentor Duke Merowald de Sylvestan was there. Such Noble company was truly inspiring.

After many years of travel in many kingdoms, we have settled in the Great Kingdom of Meridies, and our house flourishes..