Sir Thomas Alfred

Persona Bio

14th Century English Persona: Born in 1329 in Pembroke Castle to an English Father and Welsh Mother and was introduced to Castle Life at an early age. As part of the Pembroke Castle Household Thomas learned to fight and ride and found his place among the Castle Guard at an early age. In the summer of 1346 he was part of the Castle contingent sent to support King Edward III in his claim for the Throne of France. This claim would come to a head on 26 August 1346 near Crecy in northern France. Thomas fought in the Division lead by Edward the young Prince of Wales (who would later become known as the Black Prince). The Division fought in the thick of the fight during the battle where Prince Edward won his Spurs and Thomas caught the eye of several Knights who saw his potential. Soon after the battle he was squired to Sir Alexander Brighthelmston. After many more battles and years of service to the Kingdom Thomas too won his Spurs.

Darkage Persona: As a warrior during the late Migration Period and Early Viking age (late 700s AD) he lived during an age where men learned to fight quickly or died. He sailed on some of the first expeditions during the start of the Norsemen expansion, which would later become known as the Viking Age. He was introduced to the green Island (now known as England) during raids conducted upon the Saxon people. The Saxons had invaded and settled the Island after the fall of the Roman Empire, now the Norsemen were invading, drawn by rich farmland and monastery gold. After many years in fierce combat he earned his reputation as a stout warrior and was recognized as a Bear. As a raider and warrior on land and sea, he became master of the horse and ship, and gathered to him a crew of Danish, Saxon, and Irish warriors simply known as the Longship Crew. In later years he settled among the Saxons and became known as Alfred Warlord of Wessex.