Sir Robert Hightower, OP

Personal Biography

The way I found out about the SCA was when a friend of mine who played D&D heard about some folks gaming that evening. When he came home , he told me that the next week I would just have to go. WELL D&D is not my thing and I told him so, he said it wasn’t the wargaming that he wanted me to see. He then told me that these people also belonged to a reinactment group on medieval history. My ears perked up a little then, and so the next week I went to check it out. SURPRISE –I was hooked! At that time we didn’t even know the rules for the SCA. The people who were doing this had a friend who had come back from another kingdom and kinda told them some things, so they just made the rules up as they went. All of this was really close to what the SCA rules were. We finally found out about a war, Border Raids, so I loaded up the van with as many people that could fit, I think 10 or so and off to Border Raids we went. There I met John the Bearkiller in a red tunic, tennis shoes and, the rebel flag was flying– Wow! I thought that this was ok, but when I got home I decided to try something different on the garb thing for me–not that we didn’t already have some folks that were trying to come up with that same idea–but I did find ways to do it and to help others with the same problem. That first event was a real learning experience for all of us. The feast thing was something else that I wanted to do something with, so with some research and trial and error cooking, I got some of it down enough to form a cooking guild called the grand chefs–I didn’t want this to be a kingdom thing, because we had enough kingdom ideas going allready. I just wanted whoever was going to attempt a feast to do a little research in advance, and it seemed to have caught on, and whether it was because of what I was attempting or not we now have some great feastcrats in Meridies. With all of this and the pagentry is what got me interested and why I am still here today. My persona is Norman/Saxon 11th century.

Sir Robert Hightower