Sir Caius Aurelius

Personal Biography

Persona: Caius is the Praefectus alae of a roman auxiliary that resides in a garrison along Hadrian’s wall. He was raised in Rome, but following in the footsteps of his father he quickly showed aptitude with horse and chose to join the equites chortales of Legio XX.

SCA: I am Sir Caius Aurelius. I joined the SCA in 1995, and attended my first event that July. Sir Jean-Claude Von Adlerstaat, then Baron of Iron Mountain took me, and made sure I was garbed. There I met so many wonderful people that I am still friends with to this day, and saw my first tournament. I was hooked. I have had many wonderful years, and added many wonderful people to the rank of friend. Meridies is where my heart is and my fealty will never change. There are no words that can describe my joy of being part of this great order.