Sir Geoffrey MacDhomhuill, OL, OP

Photo Credit Kingdom of Meridies

Order of Precedence



June 6, 2008
by TRM Caspar I and Cecelia I

Not squired.

Home Group

Shire of Tir Briste

Persona Biography

Persona: Sir Geoffrey MacDomhuill, is the 7th son of a Scottish lord, who was married to a French merchants daughter. Being the youngest of four brothers to reach adulthood, he well understood his chances of an inheritance, so he traveled to Italy and worked as a mercenary for the City of Milan. During one of the skirmishes that plagued the city states, he was severely wounded. To keep active while he recovered, he spent his time working for an armour smith, and learned that he had some natural talent at the craft of armouring. He also found that this was a passion for him, so he dedicated most of his time to that art, forgoing returning to his mercenary way of life. After many years of enjoying his craft, he was called upon by his eldest brother, who still held what remained of the family lands, to come home and assist in the reclaiming if that which was once his family’s holdings. He took up his sword once more and is preparing to return to his homeland to defend his birthright.

Society: Within the SCA, Sir/Master Geoffrey is a Laurel of Armouring, and a Knight of the Society, as well as a fledgling wood worker. He resides within the Shire of Tir Briste, which is a holding of Kingdom of Meridies. His Birth Kingdom was the Kingdom of Ansteorra, from which he traveled to the Kingdom of Atlantia. From there he went to the Kingdom of the Midrealm, and then to the Kingdom of Drachenwald. The winds of fate were kind and finally brought him to rest within the fairest lands of the Known World, The Kingdom of Meridies.